The entrance to Union Bridge Family Dentistry is in the rear of the building at 105 North Main Street in Union Bridge, Maryland. There is ample free parking and a ramp into the building offers wheel chair accessibility. When you enter the practice you will be greeted by Cindy and asked to make yourself comfortable in our waiting room. Take a look at our patient information pamphlets, current magazines, and let the kids play and read in our kids corner. You may also note our No Cavity Club board which proudly showcases our young patients who have been rewarded for their excellent oral hygiene and lack of cavities at their last dental check up.

Our practice consists of 4 operatories which are always kept neat and tidy. Should you need special accommodations such as extra neck support we are glad to provide a pillow or adjust the dental chair to a comfortable position for you. Our hygiene room is equipped with state-of-the-art electric piezo ultrasonic scalers which comfortably deep cleans stain and tartar for patients that have significant build up or periodontal disease. Our doctor’s operatories are equipped with comfortable padded chairs, and new dental handpieces that are faster and quieter than traditional drills. We also have a ZOOM! teeth whitening light for in-office bleaching.

Our brand new digital Panoramic x-ray machine allows us to take an x-ray of your entire mouth in only 9 seconds with a fraction of the radiation of conventional machines. Our operatories are also equipped with digital intraoral x-rays which help lessen the amount of radiation you recieve during check up x-rays. By using digital x-rays and intraoral photos we are able to show patients specific dental problems which aids in understanding treatment and making better informed decisions. Not to mention, digital x-rays produce no waste compared to traditional x-rays and are therefore better for the environment! Should you need to use the restroom, ours has ample space and is always maintained with the highest standards.
Infection Control

To reduce the chance of cross-contamination of disease from patient to patient, we take these important measures:

1. Personal Protective Equipment
All of our staff wear face masks and protective eyewear during active patient care. These masks prevent the spread of bacteria. We may also request that you wear sunglasses during dental treatment which are disinfected after every use. This is to protect your eyes from irrigants and filling materials that may inadvertently splash during treatment as well as to protect your eyes from the bright lights used. We also use new gloves on each patient which are discarded immediately after use and practice thorough hand washing techniques between patients.

2. Disinfection of Counters and Other Office Surfaces
This standard health and sanitation procedure is performed routinely after each patient visit in every operatory and throughout all public areas of our office with a hospital grade disinfectant that kills blood-borne bacteria, viruses, and spores.

3. Equipment Sterilization
Items attached to each dental operatory —handpieces, air blowers, suction, etc.- are disinfected by heat sterilization. Our practice proudly meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for operatory equipment sterilization. We routinely test our autoclaves to ensure proper sterilization.

4. Our Commitment to the Environment
We are committed to protecting our environment by recycling and by disposing of hazardous wastes in a safe manner as regulated by the Department of the Environment. Our x-ray machines are checked and calibrated yearly to ensure proper function and amounts of radiation.

5. Continuing Education
We are very conscious of the fact that health-threatening viruses, bacteria, and other conditions are constantly changing and evolving into new, sometimes more virulent strains. We are absolutely committed to intensive continuing education by which we remain current, informed, and capable of state-of-the-art patient protection.