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Our mission at Union Bridge Family Dentistry is to create an extraordinary dental experience for our patients unlike any other. We are committed to delivering exceptional care, in a comfortable and relaxed environment, with a team of professionals that you can trust. We’re changing the way people feel about dentistry.

Our practice consists of 4 operatories which are always kept neat and tidy. Should you need special accommodations such as extra neck support we are glad to provide a pillow or adjust the dental chair to a comfortable position for you. Our hygiene room is equipped with state-of-the-art electric piezo ultrasonic scalers which comfortably deep cleans stain and tartar for patients that have significant build up or periodontal disease. Our doctor’s operatories are equipped with comfortable padded chairs, and new dental handpieces that are faster and quieter than traditional drills. We also have a ZOOM! teeth whitening light for in-office bleaching.

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The community was first settled in 1830 and continued to develop throughout the decade, beginning with the construction of house settlements along Parr’s Ridge. A man named Henry Bussard built the first of these houses. This town was known for its train station on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) at Parr’s Ridge. The railroad ran from Baltimore to Frederick, cities to the east and west, respectively, of Mt. Airy. Following 1830, the town received its official name after the suggestion of “Mount Airy” from an Irish B&O worker who complained about his freezing ears on a windy work day. Over the years, milling, canning and sewing industries initially helped support Mt. Airy’s economy.

The town’s proximity to the National Road contributed to its growth. The National Road ran west from Baltimore to Illinois. By the 1890s, the town’s growth had increased significantly and three new churches were built (one Episcopal and two Methodist), along with a very important bridge, still standing and known by residents as the Twin Arch, that helped with railroad transportation. Three great fires (1903, 1914, and 1925) caused setbacks in growth, but the town rebuilt every time.

When Carroll County defined its permanent boundaries in 1837, Mount Airy was divided between two counties, Carroll and Frederick; the town has remained in two counties since that time. About one mile south of the town is the junction of Carroll, Frederick, Howard and Montgomery counties at the source of the South Branch of the Patapsco River.