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Our mission at Union Bridge Family Dentistry is to create an extraordinary dental experience for our patients unlike any other. We are committed to delivering exceptional care, in a comfortable and relaxed environment, with a team of professionals that you can trust. We’re changing the way people feel about dentistry.

Our practice consists of 4 operatories which are always kept neat and tidy. Should you need special accommodations such as extra neck support we are glad to provide a pillow or adjust the dental chair to a comfortable position for you. Our hygiene room is equipped with state-of-the-art electric piezo ultrasonic scalers which comfortably deep cleans stain and tartar for patients that have significant build up or periodontal disease. Our doctor’s operatories are equipped with comfortable padded chairs, and new dental handpieces that are faster and quieter than traditional drills. We also have a ZOOM! teeth whitening light for in-office bleaching.

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New Windsor was platted in 1797 and originally named Sulphur Springs, for a local spring with water believed to have medicinal properties. It was given its current name in the early 19th century, possibly after its English namesake. The town was originally founded to service and profit from junctures of wagon trails in the area, but would later become a destination in and of itself because of the sulfur springs. To capitalize from the visitors to the springs, the town would become home to a bathhouse and numerous inns, including the 10,000+ square foot Dielman Inn.

New Windsor became home to Calvert College in 1850, to later become the New Windsor College in 1872, and then finally a campus of Blue Ridge College in 1912 until 1937. In the late 1800s, St. Thomas Catholic Church stood at Calvert College. Due to a high level of resentment toward Catholics during the time, the church was wiped from historical records, the church was razed and pieces of the church could be found in town as late as the 2000s. The altar was turned into a workbench and stained glass used for a garage. In the 1930s, then resident Walter Hoke on Springdale Avenue paid local boys to remove headstones of St. Thomas Catholic Church Cemetery. In the 2000s, then owner of 111 Springdale Avenue purchased the cemetery plot from the Roman Catholic Church.

On September 3, 1932, amidst the Great Depression, New Windsor State bank was opened and remains in operation today (Other banks had been opened and located in New Windsor, but are no longer in business). The bank’s original location on Main Street of New Windsor includes imported marble, a hand painted mural, and a stained glass ceiling. New Windsor State Bank is now NWSB Bank, a division of ACNB Bank of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.